The Way I loved you – Twinnie review

The Way, I loved You is the latest single from the British-born country-pop artist, Twinnie. The single was released on 24/03. Today we have a listen and take a closer look at her new music. 

The song starts with a recorded telephone conversation. The man on the phone said that he still loves her very much if he couldn’t make it. A slow piano melody backs this; we go straight into the song’s first verse at the end of the phone conversation, which reflects on the past and remembers an old love that’s no longer here. I like the line, “Real love never dies; you live there in my memory, and I visit from time to time”, which is quite a powerful line. 

There is a seamless transition heading straight into the chorus of the song. The chorus again has some well-put-together writing. “We were never built to last, doesn’t mean it wasn’t real. So much beauty in the past; guess that’s why I still feel.” Before going into the line and the title of the song, “That Way, I loved you”, which is where the harmonies in the background come in, giving added impact as its sung. 

The second verse talks about wanting the old life together back, but how all stars burn out, the light shines on, and they will never be gone. Again, another incredible example of the writing quality in this song.

We get a repeat of the chorus where the music picks up into a crescendo as it repeats towards the end of the song, but slowing down back into the soft piano melody that the song started with and signing off with one last “I still love you” before coming to a close.

I like this song, and it’s different from some of Twinnie’s past releases. Songs like “Better when I’m Drunk” and “Type of Girl” has always been quite sassy. However, this is a much more stripped-back and heartfelt release, and you can get a good sense of the emotions she is going through when listening to it back.

I recommend giving it a listen this weekend. 


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