Randall King – Shot Glass Review

One of the things I enjoy the most about the Country-to-Country festival is discovering new artists on the smaller stages. One of the artists from this year was Randall King. The Texas-born country music singer’s debut album. Shot glass, released in 2022.

The album opens with Baby Do. The first track on an album is the most important for setting out what to expect from the rest. In the same way, the opening scene of a book should give some insight into what follows. Baby Do give off some fun Honky-Tonk vibes. The song is about how he can be hard to handle and somewhat of a real; the only one who really gets him is his “B-B-Baby Do” it’s a fun opening song.

Record High follows this up. The song is an upbeat rebound song. A story about how heartbreak isn’t bad and how he is about to return to normal after a record-low point in his life. If you have ever had a bad breakup and need to get back on track, this song is for you. Up next is “You in a Honky Tonk”, my favourite song on the album. The theme will take you straight to the neon lights of an old-school American Bar, with the woman of your dreams dancing and taking your breath away.

Other standouts I like are “Roger, Miller Lite and Me” and “Middle of nowhere Church”, both leaving breakup songs. “Rodger, Miller Lite and Me” is about how his woman has left him, and all that remains now the money is gone is him with his stack of Vinyls and Beer. “Middle of nowhere church” is a regretful song. How they believed they would be better off alone, and then it hit them that they had what they needed all along.

While I can’t write about every song on the album, “Hey Cowgirl” and “Hard way to make it rain” are both worth checking out.

The Album rounded off with the title track, “Shot Glass,” a reflective song about how all the hopes and, dreams, memories fit into the size of a shot glass. A toast to the past and the good and bad memories with a shit of whisky before we finish with the beautiful “ill fly away”, a song about returning to heaven and leaving this earth and everything behind.

Overall I’ve had a lot of fun listening to and reviewing this album. Randall King is an immense talent, and I’m looking forward to his new single out soon, which will review.

Randall is coming back this way in the autumn with your dates in Switzerland, The Uk, and Germany, so I hope to catch him when he plays Manchester. He also has plenty of your dates announced across America. Full details can be found at http://www.randallkingmusic.com

26/03/2023 Green Eyes Blue has now been released, and you can find our review of it here


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