Green Eyes Blue – Randall King Review

Following on from our album review of shot glass which you can find here. Randall King’s latest single, Green Eyes Blue, released on 24/03/2023, is available to buy and stream on the platform of your choice. In today’s review, we look at the new song.

The song starts with a slow guitar piece, playing the main melody before the drums and the rest of the instruments join in on the tune, and we head into the first verse and the first few lyrics. From here, we get the picture of Randall being a rebel. Running all over town, not to be contained, lucky to outrun himself. However, that quickly changes when he meets this woman for the first time. We have all had a stage where someone new has come into it and changed us for the better, so it’s easy to relate to what Randall is singing about here.

After the verse ends, we head straight into the chorus. With the opening line, “This wild and free, SOB. Was out there on the loose, closing bar and stealing hearts.” Another example of Randall’s life before this woman came into his life. Then we get the change in character from this meeting with the lines, “But girl, I swear I left it there the day that I met you, Cause I’d hate to make those green eyes blue.”

There is a short little bridge where the melody takes over before we enter the second verse. The second verse goes into more detail about the meeting for the first time between him and this woman. I do like how he was shaken to the core by the encounter, “Never seen a shine so strong. Like a rain wash, I found you. Yeah, I’d hate to make those green eyes blue” before we head straight back into the chorus, which is just a repeat of the first.

After the chorus repeats, we get a little guitar solo before we head back into the chorus one last time. We also get the best line in the song in this extended version of the chorus, “You saved my soul like a stained glass Sunday, baptized in your view”, a beautifully written lyric that will strike a chord with a long of listens. Finally, the song finishes with, “Yeah, I’ll hate to make those green eyes blue, green eyes blue” before coming to a close.

Overall, I’ve immensely enjoyed listening to this one. I like songs where you can find something relatable. In the lyrics, one of the reasons I enjoy Country is I want the stories and like extracting the meaning from the songs. Green Eyes Blue is, at its core, a story about a man who falls in love and changes to be better because of that. It’s a strong message, and I’m sure everyone has met a person who has changed them for the better during their lifetime.

Green Eyes Blue is out and available across multiple platforms, so if you want something new to listen to this weekend, I recommend giving it a shot. Randall King has numerous tour dates across the US and is heading back to Europe in the autumn with dates in Switzerland, Germany and the UK. I’ll catch him at The Deaf Institute in Manchester on September 12th. A show I’m looking forward to.

Full tour dates can be found at In the meantime, I’m looking forward to hopefully some more releases before that live show.


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