Nashville Fashion – 101

Plaid Shirts

A Staple for any would-be a cowboy or cowgirl. This simple style shirt is infamous with this style of clothing. The perfect item to wear while working in the barn, out on a trail ride or looking for a night on the town you can’t go wrong with one of these.

We have found a few different styles to pick. First is the Emiqued Long Sleeve Plaid Shirt. Coming in five different color schemes these cotton shirts are perfect for whatever you have planned. Retailing between £9.99 and £20.99 these items are a worthy addition to any wardrobe.

I love branding and one of my favorite brands is Jack Daniels. This has become over time one of my favorite drinks. I’ve lost way too many nights to Old JD. If you are like me then you can show your support with this Jack Daniels branded shirt. Retailing at £35 this is a steal and well worth wearing to any night out on the town, you’ll also save time at the bar as it’s pretty clear what you’ll be drinking all night long.

Our final item in this section is from Allegra K. Which brings us this rolled up sleeves plaid blouse. Coming in two different colour options with red or blue with black plaid. This is a lighter option that can easily be accessorized with a black sleeveless denim jacket over the top. The blouse retails between £16.99 and £20.99 depending on style and size. You can get it by clicking on the image below.

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