Nashville Fashion – 101


No outfit from Nashville would be complete without a selection of jackets and nothing says cowboy or cowgirl like walking around in denim. Below are a selection of jackets to complement the shirts that we have shows off so far.

The first jacket is a traditional means denim jacket designed by Wrangler. With a classic styling to the jacket, it comes with a double-breasted pocket and the Wrangler brand on the buttons. Any cowboy would look the part wearing this jacket that retails between £41.99 and £97 depending on the size.

Wangler also brings us out the second option. This woman’s jacket would supplement any of the shirts we have featured so far. The jacket comes in two different styles Drenched or Weathered. But whichever style you prefer, you are sure to stand out in either of these choices.

If Denim isn’t your thing, however, our next item from Tuduz might be what you are looking for. This cardigan style jacket complete with tassels comes in three different colors, Black, Khaki, and light khaki. It’s a fun overlay to any shirt or T-Shirt would might be wearing while keeping that western-style going.

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