Manchester’s Night and Day Café returns to court.

Manchester Night and Day Café are due to return to court next week in their ongoing battle with Manchester City Council. The final dates of the hearing start on the 21st of March. A judge will then decide if they wish to uphold or throw out the noise abatement order on the business.

This leads from a noise complaint from the flats above and surrounding the venue. The people who made the complaint moved in during lockdown and then complained about noise ingress when the venue reopened for business.

When the planning permission was granted for the flats, an initial acoustic report recommended that a second report be conducted to address any noise ingress from the venue into the apartments. The council never commissioned this report and signed off on the development. The original report highlighted the risk of noise ingress into the residents’ flat even before they were built.

In an update from Night and Dat Café, the resident who made the complaint has since moved out, and they have not received any more noise complaints from other public members.

Night and Day Café has been a popular music venue for over 30 years. It has hosted several Country Music gigs and other shows. Just this week, Alexandra Kay, played the venue for her first UK sold-out show, which you can find a review of here. It’s a great venue in the heart of the city centre, and it would be a shame to lose it due to poor planning on behalf of the city council.

A petition to save the venue is currently on 98 thousand signatures. If you wish to sign the petition, you can find it here.

Hopefully, when this heads to court next week, the judge sees sense, and we don’t lose this fantastic place to enjoy all types of music.


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