Always Never – Erin Kinsey Review

Always Never is the latest single from singer-songwriter Erin Kinsey. Country-to-Country festival alums having played the festival last year and featured on the spotlight stage. She also played at the festival in either 2016 or 2017, playing the town hall stage, which is when I firsts came across her music.

Always Never is a breakup song that plays the theme that fate had decided it was never going to be. You can see this from the first verse with the lines “Acting like we didn’t already know, what the stars had decided” and “Seventeen had nothing to lose, A good love to bad timing”, which ends the first verse of the song. The verse is played to a lovely but rather sad-sounding piano melody, setting the tone for a piece of somewhat reflective music that picks up heading into the chorus.

The chorus talks about the relationship’s miscommunication and how while they could say the right thing, it wasn’t what they meant. How she never thought he would leave, and then the time they had been in the relationship. The chorus ends with, “It was always never meant to be, know you well enough to know what you need, it was always never gonna be me, it was always never gonna be me.” 

This is followed up by a short verse about blame and the reason for the breakup before we head back into the chorus before we get to the third and final verse of the song. This talks about how they both wanted different things. The boy needed someone calm and settled, while she wished for easy stars to align a diamond ring on her left hand. This would never work, and there was no point in compromising between them. “It was always never gonna be me”. We had back into the chorus one more time before the song ended.

Overall, there is much to like about this breakup acceptance song. If you have ever been in a relationship with someone you just knew wasn’t going to be the person who was meant for you but couldn’t bring yourself to break it off. You’ll find something in the lyrics to relate to you.

Along with the release of Always Never, Erin has announced that she has a new EP coming out called Bet My Heart on May 19th, which will feature Always Never along with her other singles, Boys in Boots and Vegas, as well as three new songs which you can pre-save on the streaming platform of your choice now.

I’ll be looking forward to May 19th to hear the rest of the songs, and hopefully, she heads back out to the UK soon.


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