Alexandra Kay – Manchester Review

One of the best little surprises of Country to Country is discovering new artists. One of the discoveries over the weekend was Alexandra Kay. After catching her early Sunday Morning and enjoying her set, I found out she was also playing a show in my hometown of Manchester a couple of days later. So, itching to hear more, we decided to go down and check out the show.

 I wasn’t sure what to expect going down on how busy the venue would be, having found out about this show a few days before; however, I was pleasantly surprised to see it announced early in the day that the show had sold out. The crowd was really up for this show. Soon enough, we were ready to get the party started.

Opening the set with Backroad Therapy and Skip This Part Alexandra seemed slightly taken aback. It must be a surreal experience having toured in the US after appearing on the Netflix TV show, Westside. As told by her playing to a room of about seven people to travel 4000 miles to a city, she had never played before and had the room sing back her songs. Myself included, who had spent all of Monday learning them for tonight’s show.

The setlist included two different medleys; the first was the one she sang at Country to Country if you watched any of her sets there. Features some classics like ChattahoocheeMan I Feel Like a Woman, Strawberry WineCheck Yes or No along with others, then a second Medley towards the end, with maybe some more obscure songs, unless you are up on your 80’s/90’s country music you might like or dislike this part of the show. I loved hearing some of these classics. I think more people knew the songs from the first Medley than the second from watching the crowd during this part of the set. Both were enjoyable, and I never thought I would get to hear a version of Forever and Ever. Amen, which was a bonus. 

Soon enough, we arrived at the end of the set with Best Worst Ex, followed by Tall Boys. To wrap up what was a great evening of music in Manchester. The hour or so she played for seemed flew by. After the show, she met the fans who had come out to see her, so I got the chance to say hello again, and she remembered us from London a few days earlier, which was nice.

For our US readers, Alexandra is going on tour, and you can find the dates at to see if there is a site near you. Unfortunately, for us fans back in the UK, we will need to wait a while for her to return. However, you can find her songs on streaming platforms. I would really recommend Backroad Therapy and Skip This Part, as I love both pieces, so check out her music if you haven’t already. 


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