Music in the Madness Review

Music in the Madness is the 5th album to be released by the country-pop duo Ward-Thomas and released on March 10th. It is available to buy and stream currently on the music platform of your choice. Music in the Madness delivers everything you have come to expect from a Ward-Thomas album, with beautifully written songs and strong vocal harmonies throughout.

The album opens with the title track, Music in the Madness, setting the tone for the rest. The song starts a little slower before taking it up a notch as we get to the chorus, with a catchy “Hey, Hey, Hey We’re Alive” repeated throughout, coming alive at the end of the song as background Harmonies.

All Over Again sounds very reflective a theme that we find in several songs on the album. The song talks about how events that happen lead you down a path. Despite the bad memories and challenging times, they led them to where they are now, and if they had a choice, they would do it All Over Again. 

Following on from that is “If It All Ends Today”. The song is about how everything could end today, and if it did, at least you are together with the one person you love. Time is precious, and you never know how long you will have with someone. The part of the song I like is the bridge. Using the great Harmonies, you should expect from Ward-Thomas is something special.

If the last few songs are the Music part of the album, the next couple most certainly fall under the madness category. Things are taken up a gear with Justice & Mercy. The song about a criminal was like a homage to the old western-style cowboy movies, where America, a cover of the Razorlight song, is a good fit for the album’s overall theme.

After another couple of songs, we get to I Think I Hate You. The shortest song on the album but something I’m sure we can all relate to. Suppose you have ever had someone who has wronged you or wanted revenge on them for whatever reason. This is the song for you.

Loved By You is another stand-out song. Musically it’s the slowest on the album. This is the song I can see people pulling out their mobile phones and lighting the torch while swaying to the music before we end with the final song Flower Crowns, a fitting end of the 5th album as the song deals with uncertainty and growing as a person. Taking the next steps and moving forward in life when there is so much madness around us daily in the current world, life is still happening.

Music in the Madness is a solid addition to the Ward-Thomas music catalogue. If you are a long-time fan or just dipping your toes in the water for the first time, there is certainly something to enjoy from experience. The album is available from all record shops, amazon and on your steaming platform of choice. 

Ward-Thomas are going on tour starting on March 30th in Glasgow and ending in Bath on April 18th. If you enjoy the album and want to catch them live, you should have the opportunity very soon. For complete tour dates, check out 


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