Old Dominion – Make it Sweet tour Manchester Review.

It was a wet and cold Monday night in Manchester. The memory of Brad still fresh in my mind. It was time for Old Dominions “Make it Sweet” tour to provide the dessert, for an indulgent weekend of first class Country Music.

Jordan Davis was opening on the evening. It’s unfortunate but due to arriving late I only managed to catch the last section of his set. It wouldn’t be fair for me to review. He did mention that he will be at Country to Country next year. We will leave that review for then.

So we will move onto Old Dominion. With much anticipation and a very full Albert Hall they took to the stage. Opening with “SnapBack” that had the building singing along with “Woah, oh-oh-oh” on repeat during every chorus. The crowd was alive right from the start. “Hotel Key” soon followed and it was clear we were in for a special night of music.

They were a few tweaks to the set. Adding in a few request such as “Shoeshopping.” Then stripping everything back during the middle of a seat as they performed a melody of songs they wrote before they were famous. One of the best parts of the show and provided a different contrast, before picking the tempo back up with “Song for another time” that once again had the building in voice.

After that followed a few more hits, such as “No such thing as a broken heart” and “Written in the Sand” along with another request and some of the stuff from the new album, which is due to be released October 25th, review coming shortly.

The show ended with “Make it Sweet” as Old Dominion put the icing on the cake. A great show to finish an extended weekend of first class Country Music. And while not on the same level as Brad, Old Dominion provided a satisfying experience that was good in its only right.

Old Dominion are due to play Birmingham tonight and Glasgow on Wednesday. If you do wish to see them live be sure to check them out before the end of the tour. 

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