Molly-Anne: California Calling Review

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the name California? I think of the vast sandy beaches, beautiful sunsets, fancy wines and a summer that never ends.

Unfortunately, I’ve never been to California. Whenever I have been to America it was visiting friends in Columbus Ohio. It’s lucky when Molly-Anne, the queen of sunshine style, is willing to take me there with her new single California Calling.

California Calling single cover

The single starts with the title. As Molly sings “California I hear you calling me, I’m on my way back to you.” before picking up pace with a bright intro rift leading into the first verse of the song. Molly then begins to paint a perfect picture of the golden state with the first verse. Dreaming of golden lands, the adventure that burns in your heart, and how the ocean falls between us but it doesn’t keep us apart. Listening to this reminds me of how much I miss being in America.

We then jump straight into the chorus. The chorus brings in the main point of the song. How California is calling out and how Molly is on the way back to her. Ready to chase them sunsets and live life. I wish I could join you there.

The second verse carries on painting this breathtaking picture. Bringing up the famous Redwood trees. And though I’ve never been to California I instantly feel a connection with the place listening to Molly lyrics that makes me want to smile.

We have a repeat of the chorus and then my favorite part of the song. As we head into the outro of the song there is this echo effect. As they get the title line of the song. “California, I hear you calling me” in the background “I hear you calling me” can be heard and again on the second line of the chorus. This part of the song is well produced and makes the chorus stand out the third time around.

This is a wonderful song, that I found myself singing along to while writing this review. As I look outside at the miserable British weather. I’m glad I can be transported to a magical place, via music.

Molly single comes out tomorrow and is available on all platforms. If you’re like me and stuck on a crowded bus or train. Then put your headphones on, listen to this song and let Molly-Anne brighten your day. If you wish to buy the song then please click the link below.

Click here to buy California Calling

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