Brad Paisley – 02 London review.

After all the anticipation the day has finally arrived. Setting out on a morning train I headed down to London. The first time since Country to Country to see one Brad Paisley. Full of excitement we entered the 02 arena, a place where you need to remortgage your house for a pint of Budweiser and it costs £3.50 for a bottle of Buxton spring water.

Opening the night was, Chris Lane. When I look on music sites I see a lot of discussion about support acts. Especially people talking during them. I believe that it’s the support acts job to grab my attention and make me listen. If you want an example of support done right, then look no further than Chris Lane.

He went out there tonight to put on a show and man did he deliver. He had some great crowd interaction including bringing a young girl on stage. Shame the girl looked more terrified than excited. He delivered a melody of 90’s country hits that had the arena on there feet. Then finished by taking a tour through the crowd. And meeting the fans. Chris Lane made a name for himself on that stage and I’m certain he gained a lot of new fans this evening. The perfect starter for tonight’s main course.

After a short intermission it was time for Brad. I don’t even know where to start with this show. Brad performance had everything! So I guess there is no better place to start than the beginning. He opened with Southern Comfort zone before leading into Ticks, a song that made my top 10 Brad list, see linked below.

I don’t believe I stopped singing the full show and it wasn’t long before we got the first surprise of the evening. Chris Lane rejoining the stage for “I’m Still a Guy” loved this as it had some great banter between the two. At the end of the song they took some girls phone and posted a selfie on her Instagram account. And also one of her other pictures, the woman looked scared having them look through her phone. It’s moments like this that make a show.

The next special moment came during “This is Country Music” Brad I’m sure made two young fans night. Giving them both one of his guitars and suggesting they both learn to play. Hopefully they do just that. In a few years time I’ll be writing about them kids, making music and entertaining people. 

Shortly following that song wasAmerican Saturday Night. This was my pick for Brad number one song and tonight proved why. It a great track that had the arena up on their feet, My Miracle has a fun kiss cam for the audience. And ended with a marriage proposal on stage. Luckily she said Yes, would have been embarrassing if the answer was no. I wonder if that’s ever happen?

They were more surprises lined up, was a favourite British act of mine Ward Thomas joined Brad on stage for whisky lullabies. Was not expecting them to appear! But the shocks didn’t end there as Keith Urban fresh off appearing at Darius Ruckas show, step on stage at the end. 

This was the best show I’ve ever been to hands down. Entertaining from start to finish. Loaded with good music, lots of surprises and a fantastic crowd. Hoping next time Brad does a full tour and not just London. Can’t wait to see him again. 

5 stars: Old Dominion you have a lot to live up to come Monday Night. 

Top 10 Brad Paisley Songs

2 thoughts on “Brad Paisley – 02 London review.

  1. Great review and spot on I must say Eriol. We were there last night and thoroughly enjoyed both Chris Lane and Brad Paisley from beginning to end. Would have loved to have been the boy (but that was many years ago lol) down the front who recieved a signed guitar from Brad, his face lit up and he’ll will be a Brad fan for life! Wow! What a show it was.


    1. Thank you for the comment, was a great show. Next up is old dominion in Manchester. Looking forward to it but will need to be something special to top last night.


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