Brad Paisley’s Top 10 Songs

9: I’m Gonna Miss Her. (Part II)

I’m Gonna Miss Her, or as it’s more commonly known as that fishing song. This entry is a staple of any Brad Paisley song. With a slow relaxing intro, the song seems similar to any other country song.

The first verse tells the story of a man torn between his girlfriend and fishing. He loves them both, but the woman in his life has given him a choice. It’s either the Fish or her. It seems like pretty normally country stuff right there, until the song spins it on its head when it reaches the chorus. Brad chose the fish and decided to go fishing, declaring He’s going to Miss Her when it gets home. But right now he is on the lakeshore sitting in the sun.

I’m Gonna Miss Her is just fun to listen to. Especially if it’s the first time listening to it and you don’t know the twist of hi choosing fishing over her. An all-time favorite and a solid showing in number 9.

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