Janet Devlin – Confessional Review

So what is the definition of country music? Well, the dictionary says its a form of music originating in the rural south. A mixture of ballads and dance tunes played on instruments such as the fiddle, banjo and steel guitar and while that might be a true definition. It doesn’t cover broad church of musical styles, both here in Britain and the United States, that could be classed as part of that genre. The one thread that ties them together, however, is they are all songs about life.

Now while Janet Devlin isn’t a country artist. Her new single confessional, a tease for her new upcoming album certainly fits the description of being a song about life. A song about someone admitting to their mistakes, something we can all in some way relate to.

The song starts with what sounds like a choir before the music starts. The choir fades and is replaced by this upbeat theme. Full of energy and with a fiery determination to face one’s self as the song builds into the first verse, before fading away to Janet haunting singing voice. Still as beautiful as it was when she arrived on X-Factor all them years ago.

The first verse talks about having a secret, that someone can no longer hold. How now is the time to face up and tell the truth? Ending with the line “And though the honesty hurts, The lying was worse, Can’t take it to the grave” before heading into the powerful chorus.

“This is my confessional, Of things that I have buried low, This is my confessional, Please will you redeem my soul?” Janet proclaims to the world bridging straight into the second verse. Where she talks about having too many sins for someone her age. Going thru a self-destructive war and winning and then asking to be told she will be saved.

The chorus repeats for a second time before we get an outro, throwing back to the old sticks and stones rhymes. The song then ends with Janet simply saying she confesses. Bringing the song to a close.

There is a lot that you can relate to here. As everyone has kept a secret for a loved one, partner or friend. We also all have demons whether it be something such as self-confidence or issues such as addiction. This song is about coming clean, winning whatever battle you are facing and moving on.

It’s a fantastic release and while maybe not country, deserve all the praise it gets. I’m really looking forward now to the full album release and hopefully a tour in the future. If you are interested in buying the song click the cover at the bottom of the page to be taken to Amazon.co.uk. The song is currently on 0.99 and is included with Amazon Music.

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