Zac Brown Band: The Owl Review

The Owl

Every now and then music comes along that’s so bad, it becomes good. We all have been guilty to singing along to Dancing Queen, or feeling them Achy Breaky Hearts. Music that’s become infamous over time. Then there is music so bad it’s destined to be at the bottom the bargain bin. Collecting dust and hoping its long forgotten. The Owl, by Zac Brown Band falls into the second category. 

The Album screams of a band in the middle of an identity crisis. The classic southern country rocks sounds are gone. In there place is a selection of overly produced pop music, with laughable lyrics that you would expect the local high school boyband to write.

The album lacks soul. The majority of the songs lack any real connection, story or  meaning. Relatable music has been replaced with whatever words the manatee pulled from the tank and got rejected by family guy. Some of the classic lyric choices include “When you see that, OMW, OMW, Meaning I’m on my way, yeah!” and “We all put our pants on one leg at a time. Aw, the struggle’s real” taken from Me and the Boys in the Band. The worst bro country song I have ever listened to.

The problems don’t stop with the lyrics. They are some strange production choices as well. Warrior wants to emulate Umbrella by Rihanna by echoing the title of the song, with disastrous effect that just doesn’t work. Already on Fire is ruined half when they start singing through a voice changer. Listening to the album is just a strange experience that feels you leaving empty, disappointed and unsatisfied.

The shout out songs are Finish What we Started, featuring Brandi Carlile. Who was quite possible kidnapped and held to ransom to appear on the album and Leaving Love Behind, a slow country song that comes too late in the day to save it.

Zac Brown Band have produced an album so bad, listening to it should be classed as a form of tourture. After releasing this album the US government will be paying them to perform live in Guantanamo bay. For the rest of us I don’t know who this album is meant to be for. It’s a complete beteral to the fans and rightful deserves the negative reaction it’s been getting.

Still if you aren’t deterred from this review or just someone that likes pain you can buy the album by clicking the picture below.

My final rating: *

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