Sunday Spot Light: Worry Dolls

Worry Dolls @ The British Country Music Festival

One of my favourite things about writing this blog is it gives me the chance to discover new music. I enjoy finding new artists that I maybe wouldn’t have listened to without writing about music.

The Worry Dolls are one of these acts. The band made up of Zoe Nicole and Rosie Jones certainly stood out. Falling somewhere in between British folk and Country. Their music is beautifully produced with lovely harmonies, supplemented by a mix of Banjo, Harmonica with a Steel Pedal Guitar thrown giving them a more unique, traditional sound that set them apart from the more pop focused acts in modern country.

There album “Go Get Gone” is now out and listening to the 12 track album is a wonderful experience. With the opening song “Endless Road” featuring some nice word play, with lyrics such as “I can’t help but wondering, how long I’ll be wondering.” Then being followed up by the toe-tapping Train’s Leaving that wouldn’t be out of place in the american honky-tonk bars of the deep south.

Still the Worry Dolls do have something for everyone with the slower beautifully wrote,  Miss You Already, Don’t Waste Your Heart on Me, She Don’t Live Here Anymore. Adding in songs about breakup, reflection and regret into the musical catalogue.

The Worry Dolls are a band with a lot of range. Whose music feature something for everyone. No matter if you love country or folk there is a lot to like about this due. The band are going back on tour shortly so we will be seeing them again when they play Manchester in November.

For full tour dates available at

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