5 Up’s and Down’s from the British Country Music Festival

VIP Ticketing

We all like to feel special and at this event, two levels of ticketing were offered. Now the standard ticketing for the weekend was good value for money. The VIP Ticketing not so much. For an extra £35 on the weekend you get access, A Priority Wrist Band, Souvenir Lanyard, Free Program, Access to a private viewing area along with a Meet and Greet with some of the Artists. Overall on paper, it sounds like a good deal.

However, the Private Viewing Area was up on the balcony of the Empress Ballroom. The complete opposite side of the building from the main stage. They had table seating downstairs that provided a better viewing experience and even closer is you could stand right up against the stage. It’s paying extra for maybe the worst seat in the house.

Meet and Greets sound fun but more or less every Artist would go to the merch stand after the set finished. Without paying for VIP Ticketing I got to meet, Sarah Darling, Ward Thomas, and Catherine McGrath along with getting signatures. It’s not like you missed out by not getting VIP Tickets.

Still, you got a different color wrist band along with a Lanyard to well worth the extra £35? Sorry, this is a massive down.

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