5 Up’s and Down’s from the British Country Music Festival

The Outdoor Stage Area

I’m not sure if this was a last-minute addition to the festival but I was pleasantly surprised when I arrived on Friday and found a stage set up in the Plaza. Something that C2C does quite well with the stages entering the O2 Arena and last year the one in the shopping center. It’s a great opportunity to grab the attention of passers-by. This was highlighted by Emily Lockett’s performance on that stage. Starting a set just after a major firework display had ended. 100’s of people heading back to there hotels stopped by to listen. It sounds like it should get an up.

So why the down. Again it becomes planning. There was no mention that this outdoor stage would be at the festival. No list of who was playing on the stage or went they were expected to be performing. If Emily hadn’t have said during her set she was on then we would never have known.

What’s more if after the Friday Night the stage went away and was never seen again. This could have been a massive missed opportunity by the organizers. Being in a massive Plaza they could have had the stage set up on Saturday. Got permission to sell Beer in the area and grabbed a number of passes by with the weather being nice, Maybe have convinced some of them to buy day tickets and check out the rest of the festival.

It was a nice idea that just needed more planning to be a success and for that reason, it gets a down.

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