5 Up’s and Down’s from the British Country Music Festival

Time Keeping

We all like it when things run to time. No one enjoys getting to a Train Station and seeing the dreaded words “Delayed” displayed on the departure board. Delayed is the word that sums up this festival. They may as well have not bothered printing out stage time as they weren’t worth the ink that printed them out.

Nowhere was this more apparent than on the Saturday Night. A group of tween girls had come to see Ward Thomas. Whos set was supposed to start at 22:25. It was 11:00 before they got on stage and well past midnight before the set closed. By the end of the night, they were literally falling asleep. The story was repeated by Catherine on Sunday who was nearly an hour behind schedule.

I don’t know how the issues occurred. If it was stage setup taking longer than expected or people running long on the sets. Still, you have to call a spade and spade and this was one of the major issues. So it gets a down.

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