LANCO – Manchester Academy 3 review

Country music gigs appear to be like buses. We spend over a month waiting for a show and suddenly 3 appear in the space of 7 days. With Lanco, Chris Young and Cassadee Pope all touring in early May and then Marren Morris heading over at the end of the month.

The show started off with Bailey Bryan, who I believe was touring the UK for the first time, she did play country to country a couple of years back, however. There seemed to be a few issues during the start of her set with the music balance. The levels between her guitar and her singing didn’t seem correct and it really affected the first song she played.

We started off a big weekend for music with Lanco. Now one of the best things about being a country music fan in this country is introducing new people to the genre. My friend Dan is big on his techno music so we made an agreement. I’ll get him a ticket to a country show in return He’ll introduce me to some techno. So let’s get into the review and my friend’s first impression of a live Country Music show.

After that when they finally sorted out the audio issues she sounded much better. She is clearly talented and has all the tools to go far in the business. Unfortunately, at the moment there didn’t appear to be that song that made me go. That’s a hit. But given time and the right song she certainly has the potential to be a star. Good first impression and hopefully she finds that song soon enough. I certainly would like to see more of her in the future.

LANCO Performing on stage

Bailey was followed on stage by Lanco at about 9PM and opened the set up with Hallelujah Nights, the title track from the first Album and then a personal favorite of mine Long Live Tonight. My friend who I attended the gig with had given the album a listen to earlier in the week and enjoyed it well enough. It was by the end of the second song he turned to me and commented these and better live than they are on the album.

I certainly share this sentiment. I got to catch them at C2C festival a while back and they were one of the highlights of the show that year. They were good then but mind-blowing tonight. There is so much energy when they perform on stage, it’s almost infectious. Especially in a small venue like Academy 3, which was sold out and very loud with the audience singing along.

As we went towards the middle of the set the action spilled out into the crowd, to perform the covers section of the show. The covers featured, Mr. Brightside, Drink in my Hand and Springsteen and a very good edition of Free Fallin thrown into the mix. Last time I saw Lanco they went into the crowd to perform part of there set so nice to see they are still doing this. They then returned onstage for the home stretch of the show.

Performing in the crowd

By this point, the beer has kicked in and the sound level was taken up a notch with Trouble Marker. Manchester Academy was on fire at this point. They were arms being thrown in the air as the crowded partied hard with the band. The rounded out the set with a rendition of Greatest Love Story. Mine and a lot of peoples favorite songs from the first Album. It was the perfect way to end the show before sending the audience home happy. The show was electric and with them selling out Academy three. No doubt when they tour again they will be able to play a music bigger venue.

They recently won the ACM award for new Due or Group. If you see them live you will certainly understand why. It was a fantastic show and if you are on the fence about seeing them you really should get a ticket. You won’t be disappointed.

The Bar has been set high now it’s off to see Chris Young in a few hours to see if he can top it.

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