Abby Anderson – Good Lord Review

When I wrote my Country to Country 2019 review I said Abby Anderson had an infectious personality. From watching her perform a couple of times and also getting to meet her in person she has a bubbly, hyper and happy-go-lucky persona that makes you fall in love. With Abby Anderson new single Good Lord has that persona that’s on full display.

The song starts you get with a loud rhythm, upbeat and uptempo setting the stage for the fun song that will follow. I really enjoy listening to the intro riff at the beginning of the song. Soon enough that intro rift falls away and we are into the first verse of the song. From the lyrics, you can clearly see this is a song about someone that’s madly in love. The first verse ends with the lines. “You’re sunshine even when it’s stormin’ and you’re sweeter than a Sunday Mornin’” I do love the wordplay comparison here at the end of the verse.

Following from that we head into the chorus for the first time. The chorus gives a brief description of the man being sung about. Dark hair, brown eyes, and a Georgia smile. A recipe that sounds like it’s taken straight from the pages of a romance novel. The next line is “Good Lord, you’re a heaven-sent” A feeling that I am sure any man or woman has felt about their partner. The chorus eventually ends with the lines, “Good Lord, I got a good man, I thank the good Lord, I got a good man” I like the double meaning usage of Good Lord here to end the main chorus.

We get another short verse about the relationship. Saying whenever she paints her nails her man always notices. She concludes that while no one is perfect he is the closest version to it before we run a repeat of the chorus for a second time.

After the second chorus, there is a short break in the lyrics while the music picks up before we get a very short final verse. “So I’ll give Him all the credit, Thank Him every day, Yes, I do believe in heaven, Every time you say my name” A couple of lines but it doesn’t need to be much more. I can’t add anything that isn’t said in the lyrics. The Chorus repeats and then the song ends.

This is a song that’s going to get a lot of love. A lot of women and men will be able to connect with this song. We all have or have had someone in our lives that you fell so deeply in love with you can’t believe they are real. This is reflected fantastically in this song and is a great showcase for Abby Anderson.

I don’t give ratings in my reviews because I want you to draw your own conclusions but this is something I really did enjoy this song, and enjoy Abby Anderson music in general. The song is now available for release so go and check it out for yourself.

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