Una Healy – Strangers review

Una Healy – Strangers available now on Apple Music and Spotify

Una Healy latest single strangers launched this week. The song is a sad piece about lovers that have drifted away and now become strangers once more. This is driven home from the moment the songs start, with a slow haunting introduction leading up to the first verse of the song.

As the lyrics start Una sets the stage for the rest of the song. Asking did she ever get to really know the person, did they really care for them or was it all just empty broken promises. This is sung as a softer part of the song before leading into the chorus. Soon enough the level of the music picks up and the power of Una’s voice starts to show through.

The Chorus itself sees Una’s stating that everything she gave was not enough and questioning what the effort was for. She states that she won’t regret it before ending with “Strangers when we met, Now strangers at the end”

The next verse explains a little more about what happened. Covering the stories she was hearing and how she didn’t want to believe them. How she was going crazy believing all the lies she was being told by them. Before coming to the conclusion she wasn’t crazy. To me, it seems like they took advantage of her trust and it kind of suggested they abused it in some ways.

We then have the final pre-chorus it’s this part of the story Una tells her partner to save their breath before saying they are better off apart. Again as we get into the second pre-chorus there is a notable build in the music and power in Una’s vocals. Una’s repeats the Chorus a couple of times with a slight bridge between them before the song comes to a close.

Overall this a very relatable breakup song. As someone whos been in long term relationship that’s ended it can feel like you have become strangers. You started off with all the dreams and promises but now you might see each other, speak to each other and maybe live with each other but as you drift apart do you really know each other? Or as the title implies are you just “Strangers” with broken promises lying between you.

I like the musical aspect of the song as well. It’s enjoyable to hear the difference in tone throughout the duration. For the also haunting intro, to the softness of the verses that slowly builds into the chorus makes for a great contrast. It really helps bring out the emotion of the song and empower Una’s words.

As a closet Saturday’s fan it’s nice to see Una releasing new music. This is available now on Spotify and Apple Music and I would recommend giving it a listen. Well worth checking out.

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